Our Disabled Memoirs

A 12 Year Foreword and Re-edit Foreword I didn’t think this would EVER be something I shared, particularly with the faceless and infinite internet (also, a pretty cruel one). So far, though, I’m so happy I shared everything else with you, and I can’t imagine that ever changing. This story is really the birth of…

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You are More Than a Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Maybe you have a dope playlist, cool hair, spunky sense of wardrobe, and a free spirit that makes everyone around you feel happy and uplifted–or occasionally bombarded. 

Or maybe you’re someone who fell for one of those girls mentioned above. This is for you, too. 🙂

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Resourceful Therapy, Attempt 2

Sorry I Can’t Join the School Musical Mr. Truong, I’m Failing Physics. My senior year, I attempted to juggle Latin-mass choir, on top of a Physics class that I did not take any pre-requisites for. (Long story.)A fight had happened at my house that left me emotional and desperate for answers and guidance, so I…

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How I’m Going to Talk About Trauma

The major conflict here is that obviously someone, or more than one, or some situation, caused my trauma, and they probably don’t want to be in a blog. By writing these stories, I’m not talking about just myself- to be authentic, many family members and friends will connect the dots back to people that they…

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Diagnosed as an Adult: ADHD in Women

Confronting a Shame I Didn’t Know I hadA few months ago, I started a job as a piano and voice teacher off of the recommendation from my friend, who was looking for a teacher to fill her spot. She was confident that I could take on the job- I was not. And not because I…

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Is anyone actually any good at this?

No, I guess- but I don’t think that’s the point. I think that for a very long time, I’ve been taught to distrust my gut. You might have, too, and that’s who this is for. These future blogs are for people who sleep all day and are awake all night and are too hard on…

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What’s on my Bookshelf(ves)

I may have splurged on 4 bookshelves in a one month period, and someone made me one for Christmas. Thanks, Alex! I wish I knew you were making me one, otherwise I would’ve still bought those bookshelves, I just would have been more discreet about it. My Top Picks: The Four AgreementsA Toltec Wisdom Book…

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