Hey, ya’ll

  • I’m 25
  • Stressy
  • Depressy
  • 7/10 of my jokes are funny

Most of what you’ll find about me will be mentioned in my blogs, and in my podcast coming soon that I’ll be doing with my friend Mecca (be sure to check out her website https://meccaamirahjackson.com/ !)

“Some people who think they’re happy just, haven’t thought about it enough. Some people who think they’re happy are just- stupid.” – Diana Goodman, N2N

You’ll find from most of my articles that I’ve started a deep mental health journey unlike I ever have before, and made some discoveries: CPTSD, depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It rocked my world, which I didn’t really expect. Now I want to document what I know, so that it can help people who relate.

Some fun tidbits:

-I’m also bi-racial (Filipino and Irish, 50/50 mix), but am CLEARLY white passing. I go through identity struggles a lot, and I’m hoping this blog can help clear up that fuzz in my head, too.

-Religiously I was raised Catholic, and while my faith has never completely fallen, I’m certainly not the Catholic I was 5 years ago. Some days, I don’t even really know if I can, or want to, identify that way. For better or worse, I don’t really know.

-And I’ve forged my own path through my love of music and theatre, political and environmental science, dancing, reading, among other things. I’m learning to be really happy with my “Multipotentialite” lifestyle, instead of being ashamed of it.

-I have a lot of unique traumas that I wont talk about specifically, but I have advice and some experiences I can still comfortably share.

More or less, I think that who I am is worthy enough to share- sometimes that belief falters, but that’s all a part of the journey. I’ve come to terms with that and I’m happy. Being able to share myself in my own space here is helping me so much, and I hope that my experiences and thoughts can offer some help to someone else, too.